Packing Prep

When I go away, my inner virgo really comes out. I start to become an extreme organizer. I have a habit now of printing out extra boarding passes and photocopying my passport and then, placing them in a protective plastic cover. Sounds crazy right? Well, I've never had any major issues with my travels since I started exploring the world without my parents. 

Now, I have the tendency of making packing lists. Just like my mom did for me before I went to summer camp for a month. Making lists really helps because if I go to bed and then have an early start, I can just run down my list for a moment to settle any panic that I'm leaving something behind. No one wants a Home Alone issue on their hands, am I right?

On my list, I categorize everything and then place a number next to the items I'm bringing with me. I like to pack classic pieces that will really look good in any destination (i.e. a crisp white shirt) and then pack a bunch of statement necklaces to mix it up. 

This month alone, I've traveled to Chicago and Boston so I decided to show what I pack in my carry on and wear on the day of departure:

  1. My monogrammed J. Crew bag that fits everything and has an extra pocket just for your passport. You can find a similar one here
  2. Rain boots. April is just a month of showers so it's always better to be prepared.  You can find similar rain boots here
  3. My Canon 60D. I love looking back on old travel photos and exploring the destination just makes it more fun when you have a fun camera to play with. 
  4. A Colourful Scarf. A scarf can not only add warmth but it dresses up your trench coat and adds a pop of colour to your photos.
  5. A Good Book. The plane is the perfect place to catch up on any upcoming book club reads. I'm currently reading this book. 
  6. An Umbrella. Under my umbrella, ella ella eh eh. Make sure to always pack one. Haven't you heard? If you come prepared for the rain, it won't rain. 
  7. Lipstick. Throw on some lipstick after your plane ride and you'll look instantly refreshed.
  8. Classic shirts. Wear a classic and comfortable shirt for the plane that you can easily stroll into a restaurant in afterwards.  Don't wear sweatpants for a quick flight. You'll end up just feeling lazy and groggy.
  9. Sunglasses. For instant style and practicality.
  10. A floppy hat. This is one of my favourite ways to take an outfit from good to great. Just make sure it doesn't need a hat box because then it will be more of a challenge than benefit to bring.