Crushing on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. These are all destinations where I dream of being a Kennedy... sailing by day and hosting lavish parties by night. I had the opportunity of renting a winsome cottage in Dennisport in September. The days we're filled with exploring the town, trying new ice cream flavors and watching the waves roll in with my best gal pal. 

The Cape offers a variety of activities for everyone. It's the perfect location to spend a summer taking each day as it comes. It's for simple pleasures, taking a stroll in the town or chowing down on a lobster roll. 

Always travel in style.

The cottage we rented was a New England dream. I felt as though we we're on the set for Dawson's Creek. It comprised of three large bedrooms, two full bathrooms, two large living spaces (including a working fireplace), full basement, kitchen and yard (with a barbecue). It was an authentic Cape Cod experience. 

The highlight of the Cape Cod getaway was driving through the main streets of Falmouth alongside the sparkling water all while singing along to T Swift. We splurged one night at the Ocean House restaurant. A location where the beautiful and well-groomed New Englanders come to suck down oysters while ordering bottles of crisp white wines.

On Saturday, we spent the most perfect day in Edgar town, Martha's Vineyard. I am infatuated with this location, that I wish I could spend each summer there. Just a hop and skip over from Cape Cod, we landed in the quintessential island of J.Crew dressing yuppies, charming boutiques and restaurants with the most spectacular water views and cockatails... a fantasyland. 

We zipped from Oak Bluffs to Edgar town in our adorable cruisers. Pretending we we're summer locals, blending in with our floppy hats and smiling ear-to-ear. We cruised right into the main street, my eyes bulging and my heart pounding of the town's overall  degree of loveliness. Having just a couple of hours to throw down some creamy chowdah, gawk in the nautical themed stores and snap a couple of pics. It was safe to say that we both fell in love. To end the day trip, we pushed our peddles all the way back to Oak Bluffs to catch the last ferry, racing against mother nature as the clouds appeared to be getting gloomier. The ferry ride back to Falmouth was quiet as we realized how smitten we had become. A traveler's lust.