Clicks of the Week

Wowzers, what a productive weekend!

Saturday was the most ideal day off. My girlfriends and I started the day at the St. Lawrence Market for a Spring preserves cooking class. Our day continued with lunch at Wilbur, followed by signature pedicures (with prosecco) at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

Yesterday, we made big progress on our condo renovations. We've moved out a lot of our stuff, ripped out all of the baseboards, patched the drywall and removed a number of kitchen cabinets. However, I'm now thinking I need to spruce up my handy lady outfit with a pair of overalls? Stay tuned for a big renovation post.

While taking a break to watch an episode of Fixer Upper (one my favourite shows...I love Chip & Jo!), I caught up with the cyber world and thought you'd enjoy the links below:

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Pedicure time! 

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