5 Healthy Goals for Spring

The weather forecast is starting to look heavenly. It's tempting to stay outside for the afternoon while going for a brisk walk at lunch. But, then it hits me - I should have worked harder on my summer-outfit-bod. Luckily, there is no time like the present. To keep myself accountable, I've listed some my spring health goals below. 

Sketch by Inslee 

Sketch by Inslee 

Try a New Gym

I'm a huge fan of Elle Fitness on King St. I love that I can get a serious workout in, looking like an idiot and no one will judge me. I also appreciate hour-long classes held at optimal times. When I'm looking to change things up, I have been working away at a 20 class card for Quad Spin, right next door. Although I find Quad classes can be hit or miss; I either get a great instructor who plays all my favourite music or I find myself bored after the first half hour. Moksha on Wellington is also convenient for a hot yoga fix, however, I find I need to go at off-times to avoid being packed in like a sardine. 

I'm looking for something different to try, so have started to put together a list of gyms to try in my neighborhood: Studio Lagree, Studio Ko, Studio Fitness, City Dance Corps, Joe Rockheads Climbing and Barre3. Yes, that's a lot of places to try, but I figure if I try two a week, I can quickly narrow down those worth buying a pass for! 

Sketch by Inslee 

Sketch by Inslee 


I know that this is pretty self explanatory, but lately I've been consuming more water because my new office has a water cooler - I know, big deal right? I love my Kate Spade tumbler for work because it's big, easy to fill and just sits next to me on my desk. Water not only helps my skin glow but I feel much more energized throughout the day. 

Getting Outside

Even though our winter was a joke this year, it's nice to get outside to enjoy beautiful weather and explore new neighborhoods. I am hoping Cam and I can start getting in the habit of evening strolls or exploring a new area with a friend on the weekend. Check out my suggestions on hikes to do this spring for a little inspiration. 

Eating Right

For breakfast and lunch, I eat very clean. Breakfast normally consists of eggs, a smoothie, steel cut oatmeal, an acai bowl or a greek yogurt parfait. Everyday for lunch, I bring in a salad with extra veggies and chicken. It's very rare to buy lunch at work (probably once a month) so I can save money and make sure I eat healthy. On weekends though, we tend to run a little wild and treat ourselves. I hope to freeze more quality snacks like energy balls and meal plan for the weekends to help stay on track. 

Being Present

Let's face it, we're all addicted to our devices. This spring, I'm working on keeping myself in check and forcing myself to unplug. It sound silly, but if I go out for a dinner with a friend to catch up, I will leave my phone in my purse and only check it once we've gone our separate ways. Rather than texting, I'll spend more time face-to-face or make actual phone calls. But, being more mindful and present is also about taking time for myself. I'm still figuring this one out; maybe it's closing my eyes for ten minutes or trying out meditation, focusing on the positive things in my life or picking up a long forgotten hobby.

What are you working towards this spring? Do you have any specific goals or recommendations? Share a comment below and I'd love to hear your feedback! 

Sketch by Inslee 

Sketch by Inslee