15 Things to do this Spring

Spring is one of the most exciting times of the year. Everything is alive again (including me) and there is nothing sweeter than coming home from work in the daylight! Summer is around the corner, which gives us hope for patio season, spending the days outside and trying new things. I always make a summer checklist, but this year, I've decided to kick thing off early with a spring one. 


Visit the Toronto Flower Market and Blossom and Bloom events and buy pretty bouquets to display in our new renovated kitchen!

Host a brunch with our friends 

Grab some popcorn and head to TIFF for the food on film series 

Go to high park to witness the cherry tree blooms 

Venture on a roadtrip to visit the "prettiest town in Canada" 

Experience the Etsy section at the One of a Kind Spring Show 

Cook up a storm here. I signed up for the Spring Preserves & Fresh Pasta classes 

Clean our condo and make trades to get rid of things here

Whip up my favourite lemonade with fresh ingredients from the market  

Start planning my summer trip to Calgary 

Find the perfect bathing suit for summer

Update and organize my recipe box

Buy an off-the-shoulder shirt like this one 

Head to one of these establishments 

Get my latest cookbook signed at the Deliciously Ella's book signing 

Sketch by Inslee 

Sketch by Inslee