5 Easy Ways to Love Your Closet Again

Last weekend, I finally got around to organizing my closet. I was getting tired of wearing the same pieces and brushing over the remaining sad rejects. As much as I wanted to buy a new wardrobe, I figured I should start by cleaning and sorting the mess first. Here are my top five tips to help love your closet again. 

Illustration by Inslee 

Illustration by Inslee 

Trade, Sell and Donate Clothing

The first step was to throw all of the clothing pieces, shoes and accessories I was questioning or haven't worn in a year or more on our bed.  From there, I tried items on to see what I could salvage. Items I no longer like I have been swapping on Bunz trading zone. I managed to trade shorts, dresses and shirts for gift cards and TTC tokens. The leftover pieces are being donated.    


I've never invested in alterations, but there were so many pieces in my closet that would be sinful to just throw out. Over the long weekend, I took about 10 pieces of clothing (including my prom dress, suits and grade eight graduation dress) to get altered here. I'm so excited about the possibility of not buying any dresses for upcoming summer weddings and having all my retro flared dress pants made into skinny pants! 

Organized by Colour

Life has become super simple now that my closet has some sort of order. It has also helped me get a sense of which colours dominate my closet (i.e. I don't need any more black dresses!). 


I can't count the number of times I jumped to get a pair of jeans and everything else came crashing down on me. I have organized everything on new wooden hangers and folded the jeans and sweaters I wear in my dresser. Instead of keeping my collection of shoes jumbled in a big container, I invested in a shoe rack and now I can actually see and find matching pairs of shoes.

Making it Pretty

I enjoy opening my closet door now that my purses are neatly on display and I can see the organized colours popping out at me. The biggest game changer was getting rid of all my cheap dry cleaning hangers and investing in these. Now everything is placed on the same hanger and it looks a lot less cluttered!