12 Date Ideas for Valentine's Day (Under $20)

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so perhaps you've started thinking about ways to celebrate or spend some time with your loved ones. While some of us may be wishing we were on The Bachelor for a helicopter date, real world budgets can be a little tight. I've pulled together a list of inexpensive and fun ways to connect with your favourite people.

Day Trip: Ice Skating Trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park

This stunning 1.3 km ice skating trail is a winter experience like no other. Skate through the loop while fluffy snow falls along the path (weather permitting). Cruise past the snow-covered evergreen trees while holding hands... what could be more romantic than that? Pack some hot chocolate or mulled wine and you have one amazing day ahead of you!

Night at the David Dunlap Observatory

A unique but cute night under the stars. Listen to experts during their "star talk" program and then witness the night's sky together through a series of telescopes. Admission is only $10 per person. 

Cook Together

Although going to fancy restaurant is nice, making a meal together or with friends is a lot less expensive and a lot of fun. Don't forget to sip some vino, whether you're making your own pasta and sauce or whipping up a new and exotic dish.

Bundle up and head to The Beaches

For the second year in a row, the winter stations art installations are up and running from February 13th to March 20th. Grab a coffee and go for a nice walk along the beach while checking out the free exhibition with your hunny. 

Hot Chocolate in the Distillery District

Order some delicious hot chocolate at SoMA and then wander the historical streets of the Distillery District. Take cute photos in front of the LOVE locks and browse the unique shops. 

The Gladstone Hotel: Music Bingo Night

Music bingo is a free event hosted by the Gladstone Hotel. This event combines a love for music with bingo! As a bonus this night features $5 Steam Whistle pints. Check it out on February 10th from 7-10pm. 

Tobogganing at Christie Pits Park

I mean, let's hope it actually snows this winter - I'm crossing my fingers, because this would be a great day date. Christie Pits Park is one of the best parks in the city. Perfect for the pair looking to get some fresh air. 

Discover King East

Start your day with breakfast at the St. Lawrence Market. Once fueled for the day, start venturing east down King Street. Dream big at the furniture stores while mentally adding more pieces to your Pinterest boards. For an afternoon pick-me-up, make sure to grab a coffee at Rooster Coffee House... the best cafe in the area! 

Scarborough Bluffs & Area

Put those runners on and wander outside the core. This is a great place for an adventure if you are looking for a more secluded and intimate spot. Try to walk the whole 14 km or layer up and have a winter picnic.

Games Night

Pull out some old board games and impress your date with a competitive game of tic-tac-toe. Pour some wine and put on some music for an at home Snakes & Lagers. 

Just Dance

Step out of your comfort zone and head out to one of the many dance studios in the city. Choose anything from tango to hip hop. Guaranteed you will feel closer by the end of the hour. 


Call a local charity you're both passionate about to see if you can volunteer for the day. Imagine spending the day with your bae at your local SPCA? Share the love you have for each other with someone else who needs some!