One of a Kind Show

In the past recent years, I've been venturing to the One of a Kind Christmas and Spring shows. Even if I barely buy anything at the show, I always enjoy admiring and sampling on the creations. I recommend going to the Thursday late night because you avoid the crowds and can easily cover the whole thing in about two hours. This year, I rounded up my favourite artisans and luckily for all of us, you can buy everything online. 

Greeting Cards, Art and Home Accessories  

  • I'll know it when I see it. Fun, witty and cheeky greeting cards based out of Vancouver. See the list of stores that carries these in your province here 
  • Love lettering. Hand lettered art, signage and paper goods. Shop the Etsy store here
  • The Sweet Escape. I was definitely drawn to all the bold prints and encouraging quotes that are printed on their art and home accessories
  • Dayna Lee Collection. This was my favourite artisan in the Etsy section. I loved the girl power, colour schemes and font on all their products. You can find everything from cute pencil cases to positive messages labelled on pillow cases. 
  • County Cupboard. I thought that these personalized throw pillows and tea towels we're the perfect gift for anyone with a cottage. Find these vintage map pillows here
  • Campy Home. You've probably seen these soy candles around at many boutique shops. These are the perfect housewarming or birthday present. My favourite is the breakfast in bed scent and you can buy it here. 
  • The Recycler. Amazing refurbished cycling parts turned into chic furniture pieces. Perfect for any cycling enthusiast.   

Jewelry and Cosmetics 

  • Rover, The Pet Boutique. Absolutely adorable dog collars. Why not have your dog look as chic as you are? You can find all the various patters and colours here
  • Kathryn Rebecca. Minimalist but elegant jewelry. My top pick we're these colourful but simple bracelets. 
  • Eve Gravel. I fell in love with this red sailboat dress for summer. This Montreal designer knows what's up. 
  • Da'lish Cosmetics. Locally sourced, organic and simple ingredients. Even Gwenyth Paltrow's GOOP recommends using these beauty products that are based out of Toronto. 
  • Whipped Cosmetics. These rich creamy scrubs are seriously addictive. The smells reminded me of how insanely good those smelly markers smelled in grade school. My go-to pick is the hula sugar scrub. 
  • Artifact Skin. Based out of Oakville, Ontario these face masques are unreal. I loved the smell of the glacial coast detox. It reminded me of a luxurious spa. Treat yourself here

Food Products 

  • Nonna Pia's Balsamic Reductions. Amazing balsamic vinegar imported from Modena Italy. These vinegars are not full of sugars and they go perfect with meats, cheeses, salads etc. They we're also featured on Dragons Den. Order these products here
  • The Fishery Seafoods, Ltd. I bought tons of wild salmon here for my weekly lunches and salmon candy. All life changing products that make you wish you lived in Vancouver. 
  • 3/4 oz. Tonic Maison.  Unbelievable homemade tonic and cola that you mix with any sort of alcohol and sparkling water. Totally natural products that really add an extra kick of goodness in your drink.