DIY Sophisticated Marble Tray

This is my first DIY project for the blog. Normally, most of my DIY projects result in cursing and frustration but this one was surprisingly painless. It's inexpensive, multi-functioning and makes a great gift! Most marble trays start at $60 and go upwards from there. I ended up spending a lot less and was a fun thing to create with my dad. 


  • A marble tile (found at most hardware stores... can be any size)
  • Drawer or cabinet pulls (make sure they aren't longer than your tile!)
  • Heavy duty self-stick felt floor savers
  • Either industrial strength glue or use a drill press 
  • Ruler and pencil for measuring the distance

*Originally, I bought simple gold drawer pulls at Lee Valley. However, an impromptu trip to Anthropologie and I left with these vintage inspired cabinet pulls. So, your cost could range for roughly $15-60 for the handles.


  1. Using a ruler, figure out where you want to place your handles and trace with your pencil.
  2. Using a drill press, cut the holes in the marble to fit the handles. Screw on with a small bolt. Or, glue them on with your industrial glue. (This is where your dad could come in handy!)
  3. If you decided to use the glue, let dry for roughly 1-2 days.
  4. Once dried or screwed on, secure the felt pads on the bottom of the tray.

How to use it:

  • Jewelry and Perfume
  • Cozy book and tea tray
  • Cheese Tray