Clicks of the Week

Ah, how is it Sunday again? The days are getting shorter and as the temperature drops, I find myself wanting to just be cozy. I hope you enjoy my clicks of the week!

1. One of my favourite actors, Meghan Markle's website always features amazing and short insider city guides. Here is the one for Toronto! Have you done everything on her list?

2. Once the summer is over, it's time to feel more organized. Check out Levo's list of 17 ideas on having a zen approach to life. 

3. One of my favourite Canadian cookbook authors and Oakville local, Angela Liddon showcases how to pack food for a weekend away in one hour! I plan on making most of the recipes for my upcoming glamping weekend!   

4. Erin Bury, managing director at marketing agency 88 Creative lists her nine career lessons she learned before age 30. Definitely a positive and motiving outlook on building your professional brand.  

5. I love having a handful of lipsticks in my purse incase a client pops by or I feel like I need a little bit of a refresh. Harpers Bazaar shares the 10 best new lipsticks for fall. 

6. 25 clever ideas for storing your things. I feel like this post was designed for condo owners. 

7. Your pumpkin spiced latte needs a companion. Try making these cardamom vanilla cream scones and your friends will love you forever. 

8. I agree to all of hello giggles's points on five ways the movie you've got mail has ruined my life. 

9. Huffington Post shares what you should watch on Netflix this October.

10. Wired magazine lists 8 cities that demonstrate that were already living in the future. Creepy or cool?