Clicks of the Week

Here are a few of my favourite links from this week. This will be a new weekly feature shared every Sunday.


1. Do you enjoy creeping inside people's grocery carts to see what they're eating? Yes? Samesies! I really enjoyed this article The Food Life posted on writer Rebecca Harrington's fridge (a celebrity diet expert).  

2. Sheet masks are popping up everywhere in beauty shops and even though I tend to stick to my favourite products, I always enjoy reading beauty product reviews. Local style blogger, Stephanie Sterjovski shares her thoughts on this trending product. 

3. Now and Then remains one of my favourite childhood movies to this day. If you're feeling nostalgic and craving a blast from the past (or maybe a little Devon Sawa), check out this adorable post on the movie. It might even give you some halloween costume inspiration. 

4. I'm so excited for Quantum Coffee to open this fall. It's perfect location at King and Spadina will make it hard to resist a cup of joe every morning! I'll be stopping by ASAP.

5. I'm not the first person to say "I'm pumped for football season", but I'm always jump into my sweats and get my grub on. I love the Ambitious Kitchen blog and this recipe looks perfect for those cozy Sundays. 

6. Bridget Jones is one of my all-time favourite hollywood characters and series'. This article prompted my countdown for the premiere of Bridget Jones Diary 3! 

7. With the Blue Jays big win and Torontonians jumping on the bandwagon, I enjoyed this listing of the best sports bars in the city. Unfortunately, Toonie Tuesdays are no longer an option for cheap tickets. 

8. Christmas is just around the corner so it's time to start brainstorming original, yet not too expensive gifts for friends. One of my favourite artists, Inslee, is selling this print that would make a perfect framed gift. 

9. As you probably know, wine is one of my personal passions. This encouraging article motivated me to keep learning as a female sommelier in a male dominated industry. 

10. Christmas has festive sweaters so why can't there be any for the fall? Draper James, the new design company by Reese Witherspoon released this southern sweater, perfect for the fall season.