Book worm - Organizing a bookshelf

My books have always clustered the various placed I've lived. The finds that you place on display will showcase your interests and passions. My favourite feature in our condo is our floor to ceiling bookshelf. Here are some tips to organize one:

  1. Focus on the details. Group them by colour or by category.
  2. Separate the books that are unique. Outline interesting covers by facing them outwards.
  3. Accessories. Add candles, globes, vases or anything to break up the books and add a bit of flair.
  4. Combine old and new. There is nothing wrong with adding a copy of the recent Globe and Mail bookseller with one of your personal favourites. People love to look at old treasures as much as brand new books. It's nice to contrast different textures too.
  5. Customize. Add a pop of colour in the backing or throw in some framed art to not make your bookshelf so bulky.