Perfect Snacks for the Week

We were on the search to find some snacks without tons of added sugar, so I made these recipes from Oh She Glows. This chia donut recipe and this granola bar recipe are perfect to throw in the freezer and they will be defrosted by the time that mid morning stomach grumble says hello. It's best to buy the ingredients from Bulk Barn to save on some costs. I like to bring a measuring cup with me to Bulk Barn so I'm not buying way more ingredients than I need...I can never eyeball it! There is also quite frequently coupons for Bulk Barn on their website to save some extra cash money. 

For the chia donuts, I bought my donut tray at Kitchen Stuff Plus for $11 (found here). You can top the donuts with almond butter, jam, coconut flakes or anything your heart desires! For the granola bars, I added fair-trade dark chocolate chips because who can say no to chocolate, right? You can also switch the dried cherries to any other dried fruit since dried cherries are quite expensive.