Our Costco Essentials

I'll be the first person to say, "I freakin' love Costco!" Heading to Costco for our weekly grocery run has become a fun cheap date for us. We love to stroll through the aisles to see what's new, what's on sale and if they're handing out any good samples (hello, where's the chicago mix at!). About a year ago, we were on the verge of getting a membership and now that we've taken the plunge, it's been an absolute game changer. There is nothing worse than heading to Loblaws and spending a fortune on a small quantity. 

Fast forward to today, we've upgraded our membership to the executive card so we can benefit from the 2% cash back (nerds!). I'm sharing our Costco essentials as it's always great to discover a new products. Don't forget to check out the book aisle..my favourite part of our trip! I love finding new reads for our book club and delicious cookbooks. Finally, thinking about trying Whole30 and wondering what to buy at Costco? Check out this useful link. 


Silver Hills Organic Sprouted 20 Grain Train Bread - $7.99 for two loaves

Why I love it: Perfect for weekend avocado toast

The Essential Baking Company, Gluten-free Super Seeded Multi-Grain- $10.99 for two loaves

Why I love it: A little more guilt-free without compromising on flavour.


Kirkland Lean Organic Beef- $29.99 for a package of three portions

Why I love it: Although it's hard to imagine consuming this much beef, it's great to store in the freezer. We make it with zucchini noodles and tomato sauce!

Kirkland Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon- $36.99 for 9 pieces

Why I love it: Such a great thing to always have in the freezer. I love to bake it with lemon and dill or broiled with pesto. Serve with roasted vegetables or cauliflower mash. 


Prana Kilimanjaro Deluxe Nut Mix- $12.99

Why I love it: Handy for a quick snack on the go! Our trail mix consists of a tablespoon of Kilimanjaro mix, a handful of raw almonds and some Prana coconut chips.

Kirkland Whole Natural Almonds- $23.99

Why I love it: Great to combine with our trail mix, smoothies or adding them to a spinach salad.

Happy Village Organic Calimyrna Figs- $12.89

Why I love it: Highly addicting! Add to any charcuterie board or make this outstanding recipe. 

Vega Vanilla Protein & Greens Powder- $33.99

Why I love it: Inexpensive and works well in smoothies without getting that chalky taste some protein powders have. You can also make protein pancakes like these ones here

Nutiva Coconut Oil- $27.99

Why I love it: Awesome to use as a natural moisturizer, cooking oil or to throw in a smoothie. I literally slather this stuff all over my arms and hands. Read about the proven health benefits of coconut oil here

Kirkland Almond Butter- $16.49

Why I love it: Go-to dip for my celery and carrots. As well, I make a healthy version of a funky monkey smoothie with a tablespoon of this, almond milk and a banana. 

Realemon Lemon Juice- $4.69 (2-pack)

Why I love it: Can't go wrong with the price! I love adding it to sparkling water (and cocktails!)

Galvanina Sparkling Water- $10.99

Why I love it: Such a fantastic price and taste just as good as Perrier. Serve with a lime wedge and a fancy straw to impress your guests.  


So Nice Organic Almond Milk (3-pack)

Why I love it: When I don't get around to making my own almond milk, this brand has the best flavour and creaminess. 

Santa Lucia Mini Bocconcini- $6.99

Why I love it: We don't buy this often but when we do, it's added to our homemade pizzas or caprese salads. 

Fresh Produce

Sweet Kale Salad Mix- $6.79

Why I love it: The best salad mix to bring to work. We throw out the dressing because we use balsamic instead but the nuts provided add a great crunch. 

Angel Sweet Tomatoes- $5.94

Why I love it: Amazing for any meal of the day! Add it to an omelette, weekday salad lunches or oven roasted for dinner.

Assorted Frozen Fruit- $12.99

Why I love it: Great for baking, smoothies or munching on au naturel!