Celebrating at Boralia

Ringing in my 26th year, I wanted to make sure the celebrations were full of delicious food, wine and good friends. Cam surprised me by booking a table at Boralia. A restaurant located on the Ossington strip that we've both been dying to go to ever since we heard the fantastic reviews. 

Boralia's name represents a Northern theme from during the time of the Canadian Confederation. The food is a modern take on native recipes from the 18th and 19th century and uses local ingredients. The owners, took over two years researching recipes! 

The food was delicious and left an aftertaste of believing that Canadian dishes are more than just poutine and maple syrup. Often times when the plates are shareable at a restaurant, you end up leaving only loving one or two dishes. With Boralia, I fell equally in love with all 7 dishes and the 2 desserts we tried. 

The below is a list of all the dishes we sampled. You might be thinking, how do all these dishes fit in with "Canadian" cuisine? The beauty is that because our home and native land is so multicultural, Boralia can get away with serving a variety of diverse dishes leaving your taste buds hungry for more! 

Chopsuey Croquettes

Stuffed Onions

"Indian Candy" 

Caramelized Onion & Potato Pierogies

Pigeon Pie

Hellfire Salad


Strawberry Tart

Louisbourg Hot Chocolate Beignets 

Blue Mountain Sparkling Wine 

Boralia is open from Wednesday to Sunday and reservations should be made as it's a small space. Boralia was recently nominated in Air Canada's Enroute Magazine as Canada's best new restaurant for 2015. You can vote for them here