6 Favourite Take-out Restaurants

There's something extra special about finding a restaurant that you know will become a staple go-to destination for those Sunday or Monday nights after spending the whole weekend away. Having no groceries and always on the go, we've been able to expand our foodie horizons and try out some restaurants. I highly recommended all of the below:


A cozy King West trattoria that is family owned. Offers delicious pastas, pizzas and antipastos. All dishes you would find any nonna making in her own kitchen. Perfect for those days where you just want a no fuss and heart warming meal. Among the meals, my favourites included the organic figs with caramelized onions and goat cheese antipasto, mini arancini that are smothered in an exceptional but simple tomato sauce and the comforting meatball penne.  

Sushi 930

This Japanese takeout restaurant features some of freshest sushi you will find in the city. Located in the King West/Liberty Village border. All the rolls are fantastic and the service is exceptionally friendly.

Black Camel

This mouthwatering sandwich spot has been open since 2004 in Rosedale. The experience is completely personalized which allows you to create the ideal combination for your taste buds. This is where I go to consume the best pulled pork in the city. Everything from the extra toppings to the bun make you dreaming about your next visit.


A lot of people have probably already tried Wilbur as it's always bustling, inexpensive and satisfying. The restaurant's name comes from an American pharmacist, Wilbur Scoville, whose job it was to measure the spice levels in chile peppers. Once you understand the meaning behind the name, you will soon change your perspective from a hipster hangout to an apothecary style eatery. My favourites include the burrito bowl (I always ask for extra sauteed peppers and onions and light on the rice... all complimentary to modify), the homemade chips with queso and lastly, the Mexican street corn. 

Home of the Brave 

The restaurant is packed with after work and weekend crowds for it's trendy bar food and fancy cocktails. My preference is to go with a friend and grab some soft serve. The soft serve is rich and completely indulgent. Perfect to satisfy that sweet tooth after being withdrawn from the lack of DQ locations in Toronto.

Flock Rotisserie 

This healthy new restaurant will make you feel great. It's the kind of restaurant that Oh She Glows author Angela Liddon would visit if she wasn't vegan. Salads and rotisserie chickens are hormone and antibiotic free. Salads contain beach body ingredients like goji berries, french lentils, steamed acorn squash and pumpkin seeds.