5 Festive Sips for this Christmas

When it comes to Christmas dinner, choose a wine that's a bit more juicy since turkeys can sometimes be a tad dry. It's very important to not just buy a wine that pairs nicely with the turkey but also one that will accentuate the side dishes. Here are my festive wine pairings for this years Christmas dinner. 

Photo by Style Me Pretty

Photo by Style Me Pretty

Course One: Pairing with Appetizers

Opening the appetite and getting the party started, you definitely want to stick to a sparkling. My picks for affordable sparkling wines are Blue Mountain Brut and a light and fruity Prosecco.  Another pick that's available in our very own backyard is the Jackson Triggs Entourage. All of these sparklings are priced under $30. 

Course Two: Turkey, Ham and Sides

The best choice for your Christmas dinner is to pair the meal with a pinot noir or a buttery white like a gewurztraminer or chardonnay. A high-acid, low tannin Pinot with notes of bold red cherries and cranberries will really wow your taste buds and make your side dishes pop. A high acid wine is a great balance with the combination of flavours from the turkey, ham, potatoes etc etc. My recommendations are: Cave Spring's Pinot Noir, Robert Mondavi Chardonnay, and Grey Monks Gewurztraminer. As well, an easy and delicious pick are the Stratus white and red.

Course Three: Something Delicious

Whether it' a creamy cheese or a yule log, don't forget to have a wine pairing for this course. The best choices would be a delicious muscat or tawny port for the dessert course. The muscat and tawny ports flavours will really bring out the decadence of the cheese or yule log. 

Don't forget that Christmas is a time to spend with the family. Your wines shouldn't be intimidating. This is not the appropriate time to whip out a $50 bottle. You want your wine to be simple and easy to drink. It's better to bring something familiar and yummy but interesting enough that your eccentric Aunt will appreciate it.