Basic Wine Etiquette

Most of our University days are behind us. It's time to loose some of the wine habits that we inherited and bring in some sort of level of sophistication. Drinking wine is like going to the gym. People think they know what they're doing but really, they're not skilled at all. 

Whether you're celebrating with friends or at a dinner with clients, it's important not to conduct the following. These are basic wine faux-pas:

  1. Holding a wine glass by the bulb. Always hold the glass by the stem. When you hold the glass by the bulb, your hands end up heating the wine which will impact the flavour aromas and intensity.
  2. Putting ice cubes in wine. Basic betches need to stop this. It's a sin as it spoils the taste and aromas. You're better off just drinking apple juice. Winemakers slave over the chemistry of their wine. 
  3. Touching the bottle with the wine glass while pouring. No one enjoys wine dribbling down the side of their glass and spillage. Don't be a party pooper by having the host clean up after your inability to pour a decent glass.
  4. Overfilling your glass. This may have been a trend back in University but you can always pour yourself more, not to worry. It will spoil the aromas as half of your nose will be in your glass.
  5. Gulping down your first sip. Easy tiger. You'll miss all the important flavours and your sinuses will feel overpowered. Make sure to coat your entire tongue with the wine and gently swallow. 
  6. Smelling the cork. You can actually just pour yourself a glass to get all the aromas and if by chance, faults. Helpful hint, if you think you're wine is "faulty", you can return it back to the LCBO with that reason and they'll provide you with a full refund.
  7. Ostentatious swirling. There is nothing wrong with some gentle swirls but refrain from being overly enthusiastic like your wine is a wave pool. The end result will be loosing important aromas and spilling all over your party fail.
  8. Being a wine snob. No one likes any sort of snob. Fight the urge to challenge someone on what they're tasting. Instead, have an earnest conversation and bounce ideas off each other. 
  9. Storing wine sealed with a cork, vertically. It's not so much of a concern of storing wine with a screw cap vertically. However, if your wine is sealed with a cork, ensure that the wine always remains in contact with the cork. If the cork dries out, it can let in air. This can cause the wine to become faulty.
  10. Running out of wine. Ensure you always plan accordingly for the number of guests attending your party or dinner. This is the biggest sin of them all!