Francophile living in Toronto.

Francophile: A person who is fond of or greatly admires France or the French.

Sometimes, usually on a Sunday morning, I wake up missing my life in Europe. The feeling of being homesick for a place I only lived in for a year. I miss being able to wander around the cobblestone streets, popping in and out of adorable cafes and boutique with nothing but time.

Lucky for me, I discovered that nearby my condo, there are a ton of French restaurants and shops. I love all of them and the fact I feel as though I've been transported into another city. Even if it's just an hour, I really need my dose of French culture. 

Here are my favourite French cafes around the King West neighborhood:

1) Brioche Doree

  • Normally not a fan of chains but I appreciate the to-go fresh baguettes and the delicious variety of breakfast take out. My personal choice is normally the tomato or spinach croissant. 

2) Colete Grand Cafe

  • I recently went here for tea with a friend. For the two of us, the entire experience and huge pot of organic tea cost us less than a venti. Not to mention, they have a charming bakery and a patio for people watching.

3) Neuf Cafe

  • Nestled in a townhouse on the quaint Clarence square, this french cafe (owned by Parisians) is the ideal setting for an affordable french lunch in the city. Delicious classics like a croque monsieur, salad chevre and nutella crepes are all served here.

4)  Le Select Bistro

  • Most likely my favourite out of all these listed. The interior reminds me of the french bistro featured at the end of the movie "Somethings' Gotta Give". Friendly staff, delicious options and the kind of place where you feel like home. There is a degree of coziness with a level of sophistication that beckons at me. This probably explains why it's hard not to order just one glass of wine.

5) Delysees French Bakery

  • A modern bakery that is known for it's pastries and macarons. Even the macarons scream modern and trendy with flavours like black sesame and lime basil. The place where you would take a chi-chi friend who appreciates the haute French pastries.